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Hand Picked
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Hand Picked was organized in 1997 when Dan Darrikhuma and Steve Wagner were looking for some special music. When Tim Greenlaw walked in, Steve suggested that he might be able to help. Eventually, Dan, Steve W., Tim, Clint Dickerson and Steve Dickerson got together and formed Hand Picked.

Other members have come and gone over the years. Today, there are six of us, all related: Bill, Beth, Clint, and Steve (all Dickersons), along with Dennis and Lauri Rootvik.

The name, “Hand Picked” seemed fitting since it not only represents what we do with our instruments, but it reminds us that God has specially chosen each one of us (you, too!)

Above: Here are the original five: Clint Dickerson (guitar and vocals), Tim Greenlaw (guitar and vocals), Dan Darrikhuma (accordion), Steve Wagner (banjo), and Steve Dickerson (bass and vocals). An accordion seems like a strange instrument for a bluegrass band, but it worked pretty well!

Left: For a short time, we were joined by Joel Dickerson (at the piano) and David Lopez (standing, with white shirt and tie).

Bottom, left: A previous configuration (until 2019). Bill Dickerson (keyboard, ukulele and vocals) Larry Dickerson (various instruments plus vocals) Steve Dickerson (bass and vocals), Clint Dickerson (guitar and vocals).

Below: an old poster from when there were four of us. Steve Dickerson, Tim Greenlaw, Clint Dickerson and Steve Wagner.
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