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Hand Picked
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Schedules are always subject to change, but there's a good chance what's listed here will actually happen! If you'd like to schedule a Hand Picked program, send an email to -- and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Keep in mind that since there are four families involved, it sometimes takes a bit of juggling to find a time that works for everyone.
Concert Schedule

  • June 9, 11:00 a.m., United Brethren Church, Dayton, WA
  • August 10, 11:00 a.m., SDA Church, Leavenworth, WA
  • August 31, 11:00 a.m., Healing Hope SDA Church, Portland, OR
  • September 14, 11:00 a.m., SDA Church, Farmington, WA
  • September 21, 11:00 a.m., SDA Church, Sandy, OR
  • October 6, 2:00 p.m., LaCrosse Community Church, LaCrosse, WA
  • October 12, 11:00 a.m., SDA Church Morton, WA,
  • October 19, 11:00 a.m., Church of God, 7th Day, Walla Walla, WA
  • December 7, 5:00 p.m., Christian Aid Center, Walla Walla, WA
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